What is Vsam?

Vsam (Vulnerability, Scanning, Analysis and Management) is a open source virtual appliance developed and distributed in an effort to bring to the security community a tool to provide full management capabilities to Nessus scan data. Based on the great work of the Inprotect project, Vsam extends the ability of Inprotect by bringing the power of virtualization to this highly functional project. Distributed as a "black box" appliance, no knowledge of Lunix or any underlying software is required. Once downloaded and setup in a VMware environement, Vsam can be ready to use in minutes.

Vsam 1.10 is now available!!!   The upgrade contains a re-designed engine to support Nessus 4.2.2
Details on Vsam and the upgrade are available HERE!!

Download Vsam 1.10 from HERE!!


Dashboard    Scan Status and Control     Network Health
Nessus Server Status and Configuration    Backup and Restore     Search and Export
Nessus Reports  Host Remediation     Top 100 Vulnerable Hosts      

Vsam Features

  • Complete integration with Nessus
  • Easy and seamless backup and restore capabilities
  • Backups can be downloaded and stored for safe keeping
  • Manual and scheduled scanning jobs
  • Host tracking and remediation
  • Calcuated metrics and Trending
  • Full Searching capabilities
  • Grouping of scanned information utilizing Organziation, Sites and Subnets
  • Exportable data to Excel
  • User Auditing
  • Granular User Access Controls

Why Vsam?

As a virtual appliance, Vsam is designed to be easy to install and use, yet demonstrating functionality generally only available in high cost commercial tools.   The product is based around Inprotect's code, a project that has been around the security community since 2002.   While the Inprotect code is a very functional, there is one problem that remains with the project.  Inprotect is just code.  It still requires installation and configuration….a difficult task requiring knowledge of several products including Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP.     

Vsam solves this problem by distributing as a pre-setup virtual secure appliance, complete with a setup script.   Additional functionality has been added to make backups and restores as easy as a mouse click allowing security administrators to ensure data and configuration are maintained through upgrades and system crashes.